Anyoption prefers south in Africa

Anyoption prefers south in Africa

software-557604_960_720While in Europe it time the winter takes over the scepter and the long awaited snow sends prevails in South Africa online scam just midsummer. No wonder, then, that has just directed to the country at the Cape anyoption his interest. There are not only wonderful weather and beautiful beaches, but also a lot of people who want to go into the financial trading. You will now allow its own platform, the Trading with binary options brokers.

New platform already has a state license

This one has become a joint venture with the South African Financial Services Basfour 3773 PTY Ltd. teamed to provide a joint project on its feet. The cooperation was made between Basfour and Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd., the parent company of anyoption agreed.

While anyoption is namely active with a license from the European island country of Cyprus has Basfour licensed by the South African regulatory body. This also has the new company, as one of only a few brokers, a concession as a financial services provider in South Africa.

Together we would like to set up a trading platform, which in South Africa focused on local customers. Here, anyoption relies on the self-programmed trading platform and its many years of experience as a binary options broker.

Safety is at the forefront of Geleder

Since 2008, the business one is now one of the top dogs in the industry and was able, by his own admission, rising in recent years, the international market leader.

Convince you want with you protect potential traders in South Africa about a specific security technology, the capital of the existing customers on the platform. In addition, should continue regularly provide innovation in new and exciting trading opportunities. Recently, as you added the completely new type of trade, Bubble Trading ‘a on the anyoption platform. Here dealers have the opportunity dimensional fields in the chart to define who has to cut the price of the underlying, so such an option ends in the money.

Serious trade offer to South African customers

For all their questions and concerns, they can contact the South African clients also to a local customer support.
According anyoption CEO Shy Datika represents South Africa a huge market for binary broker. In this case, there have not yet been many alternatives for South African traders who can offer the national licensing conditions that ensure the trustworthiness and compliance, which the local customers expect. This one wants to now change with the new and already regulated platform anyoption.

Not only is there a market price

The purchase price that has to be paid, for example, for a stock, while a piece is always well above the sale price you get for the same stock.

Stock brokers call the purchase price offer price and the mostly slightly lower selling price bid. From the average of these two prices results in the average rate, which is presented as a classic market price. Between buying and selling price is the bid-ask spread or spread. Besides buying and selling price, there are still other differentiation factors that define the different price quotations.